What is a Redleg?

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What Is a Redleg?


“Redleg” is a term that was used in the United States during the American Civil War to describe artillery personnel, who wore red stripes on their pants legs to distinguish them from infantry and cavalry soldiers, who wore blue or green. The term was also used in later conflicts, including the Spanish-American War and the Philippine-American War.  Today, the term “redleg” is sometimes used to refer to artillery personnel in general, regardless of the origin of the term.

Significance to Business

As my bio states, I am a West Point graduate and a veteran of the United States Army where I served as an officer in the Field Artillery.  The last time that I wore the uniform aside from costume parties was decades ago, but the experiences in these amazing institutions was seminal in shaping me and how I live my life, including my business.

  • Character – We are more and more seeing that character matters everywhere in life.  It is an abstract concept that can best be compared to Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart description of obscenity, we “know it when we see it.”  We at Redleg strive to only hire and act with character when serving you needs or working with your strategic.
  • Honor and Integrity – Business used to be done with a handshake and someone’s word.  While an oversimplification of the concept, you should be able to trust your provider to not intentionally mislead or lie to you in any way.  My time as a cadet and officer have ingrained that your word, your honor and your integrity are paramount and that nothing short of it should be tolerated.
  • Fairness and Equitable Treatment – Life is rarely fair, but you should expect your service providers to be even-handed and fair in everything from pricing to resolving disputes and misunderstandings.  We strive every day to ensure that nobody is treated inequitably or discriminated against.  Additionally, we will never use our knowledge and position to take advantaged of anyone for profit or gain.
  • Innovation and Problem Solving – The military world is more challenges and uncertainty than it is predictability and simplicity.  Throughout both West Point and the Army, the standard was to solve problems and overcome obstacles to meet the objective.  This always required fast innovative thinking to not slow momentum.
  • Resource Optimization and Integration – All of Redleg’s businesses depend on working with others beyond out direct clients.  As I highlighted, I served in the Field Artillery during my service commitment and the branch is unique in the need to coordinate with the other branches and sometimes other services to maximize the effect of indirect fire on the battlespace. In short, we helped everyone else blow stuff up and not blow up the good guys.  This is the same approach that we bring to successfully working with the other professionals that you have hired.

I chose the Redleg as the brand as for me it embodies the aforementioned characteristics and acts as a reminder that we need to work and act in accordance with them with our clients, our partners and their partners.  Since it is a brand associated with more than just me, I also know that every time I send an email with my logo, post an article or hand out a business card I am representing the wider population of my brothers and sisters in arms as well as my fellow members of West Point’s Long Gray Line.

Finally, yes, that picture in the heading is an permanent and indelible addition to my dermis but it is more than just ink under my skin.  It is a outward reflection and physical manifestation of the commitment and dedication to always conduct myself and by business in the spirit of the best of my military experience and lineage.

I hope that your experience matches out intent and, if it does not, let us know.  The one characteristic that I omitted before is constant self improvement and we cannot do that without you.  So let us know when you have gripes, concerns or suggestions on what we can do better.  You business is more important that our egos.

Our Founder

Doug Katz – MBA, CCRS

Doug Katz graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point with a Bachelor’s Degree in Behavioral Science and Leadership Management. After graduating, he served five years in the US Army as a Field Artillery Officer. Following his military service, Doug spent several years in the telecommunications industry working in the operations and marketing for a major equipment manufacturer in the Chicago suburbs. During this time, he also earned his MBA from Loyola University Chicago.


Doug moved to the mortgage industry based on a desire to help people realize their dream of home ownership and to accomplish their real estate investment goals. Throughout his career, he has consistently used his expansive knowledge, practical experience, work ethic, and exceptional customer service to help his clients achieve their goals. Doug leverages his skills and talents to solve problems quickly and efficiently through the mortgage process. While he has experience serving all types of clients, Doug has exceptional experience in the investment funding segment. He served as the SVP of Sales and Marketing for Jordan Capital Finance (now Finance America), a premier company in the fix-and-flip and buy-and-hold real estate markets.  He now does some lending in the residential space but has generally pivoted to the investment lending space with his business, Redleg Funding.  In this capacity, Doug is working to bring a client-focused process driven broker business that is lacking in the hard money and investment real estate lending space.


Always driven by solving problems, Doug came to inventing in his 50’s as a third act.  His invention philosophy centers on basic problems and simple solutions that are often overlooked in our technology-focused world.  Doug’s first inventions are based on solving limited mobility as well injury prevention and management.  In the last year, Doug has developed a new knife design/cutting and handle system for which he is patent pending and currently working to bring to market.  Additionally, he has developed a new arm sling design that he will be patent pending by mid-October 2023.  These innovative products will provide improved mobility and quality of life for those who utilize them.  Additionally, Doug innovates for fun with development of ideas like his poker variation dubbed Oma-Hold ‘Em.

During his time as a residential real estate lender, Doug found that he regularly dealt with divorcing clients and quickly became acquainted with the complexities and challenges associated with this segment. For many years, he built a portion of his lending practice around the divorce segment as a Certified Divorce Lending Professional as part of the Divorce Lending Association. While he helped many divorcing couples in that time, Doug identified a dissonance between how the lending industry can and does support divorcing couples and what they needed. Finding the transactional approach, i.e. needing to do a loan inadequate and problematic, he founded Redleg Mediation and Consulting and The Divorce Housing Pro as a means to provide divorcing couples as well as other divorce professionals the needed objective advisory services to make the right decisions regarding the disposition of marital real estate and in doing so, helping them most beneficially begin their post-divorce life with a roof over their head.  While no currently practicing in these fields he regularly applies his lessons and experience from that time to his current endeavors.


Doug lives in Trout Valley, IL with his wife of over 25 years, one of his children and his elderly father for whom he cares for. Of this who have left the nest, his daughter is following in the family tradition of service as a cadet at the United States Coast Guard Academy and his older son attends Carthage College in Wisconsin. When not working, Doug can be found in his home forge making a knife or in his home gym keeping fit. Occasionally, he steps back onto the martial arts mat either in Aikido, where he has earned the rank of Nidan (2nd Degree Black Belt) or his new endeavor, Krav Maga. Doug is also dedicated to supporting the veteran community through active involvement in several organizations.

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