Thank you so much for submitting your deal for review.  I want to take a few moments to communicate the next steps and to provide some directive for preparing your file.

  • We will use the information that you submitted for submission to our investors to find the best likely terms for you.
  • After working with out investors, we will present you some options for terms and financing structures.
  • Once we have an investor determined, we will provide you a more information on the exact list of the items required for your particular deal.

Most of our investors require similar information, so please reference the guidance and checklists below to begin to build your file to keep processing moving efficiently once you fully apply.

Fix and Flip

By and Hold

  • Items from Entity Checklist – Katz Funding – Entity Doc Checklist – 0819
  • 60 Days Asset Account Statements
  • Current Leases/Rent Rolls
  • Management Company Contract and Contact (if applicable)
  • Insurance Contact
  • Purchase
    • Contract (if available)
  • Refinance
    • HUD/Closing Statement

In an effort to provide you the absolute best service to you, here are some tips to make things move efficiently.

  1. Hold all documents until you have everything (or at least most of it) and send it all in one transmission.
  2. Name documents so that we can easily identify and classify them.
  3. Respond quickly to requirements and requests from 3rd parties such as appraisers and title companies.
  4. Notify us immediately of any changes in the deal or in your situation.

We look forward to working with you and you will hear back from us very soon on the options for your scenario.