Buy-and-Hold and Rental Loans

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Buy and Hold Loans

There are a lot of options for financing a rental property, but many bring with them substantial documentation requirements. Traditional banks, for example, will require extensive information beyond the property you want to purchase or refinance. In many cases under these programs, there are also major limitations on titling and the number of properties that you can own to name a few. In addition, with the added requirements comes a protracted timeline that can interfere with your ability to acquire a property and get it producing a positive cash flow for you. Our buy and hold loan programs are meant for the investor looking to move quickly and efficiently to acquire properties and build a portfolio.

Our Programs

  • Only look at the subject property for debt service qualification
  • Allow for titling in an LLC
  • Require as little as 15% down
  • Allow for cash out on existing properties to free up capital for your next project
  • Can close in as little as 3 weeks

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