Redleg Mediation and Consulting Rolls Out New Divorce Housing Pro – Divorce Housing Assessment



Redleg Mediation and Consulting Rolls Out New Divorce Housing Pro – Divorce Housing Assessment


Trout Valley, IL  – Redleg Mediation and Consulting, a leading provider of divorce mediation and consulting services, is proud to announce the launch of its innovative tool, the Divorce Housing Pro – Divorce Housing Assessment. This free, groundbreaking resource is designed to bring critical awareness to  a common and often overlooked challenge faced by divorcing individuals and couples: housing. The Divorce Housing Assessment serves as a vital diagnostic tool, helping individuals assess their housing needs at every stage of the divorce process.

Divorce is a complex and emotionally challenging journey, and one aspect that is frequently underestimated is the impact of housing. Many divorcing couples leave the resolution of marital real estate matters until the final stages of the divorce process, leading to stress, uncertainty, and financial pitfalls. Redleg’s Divorce Housing Pro – Divorce Housing Assessment is poised to change this by offering a solution that places housing at the forefront of divorce planning.

The Divorce Housing Assessment in Action

The Divorce Housing Assessment is a user-friendly resource that provides individuals and couples with a comprehensive score, indicating their readiness for divorce from a housing perspective. By answering a series of tailored questions related to credit, assets, income, and housing factors, users gain valuable insights into their housing needs. This assessment empowers them to make informed decisions about whether they require housing-related assistance and the level of support needed.

The Divorce Housing Pro – powered by Redleg, also goes beyond the assessment phase. To help deal with the issues identified in the assessment, they offer a complete housing analysis, The SplitReady Divorce Housing Analysis,  as part of its comprehensive suite of services, guiding individuals from awareness to strategic planning and execution. This holistic approach ensures that divorcing couples have the necessary tools and expertise to navigate housing challenges successfully.

“With the increase in DIY and semi-DIY divorces, it is especially important to know what you don’t know and what you can do to better ensure positive divorce housing outcomes,” said Douglas Katz, founder of Redleg Mediation and creator of Divorce Housing Pro. “I have seen both favorable and unfavorable outcomes during my career, and the former are inexorably tied to proper awareness and execution. This report creates the best on-ramp to the right process to achieve both.”

About Redleg Mediation and Consulting and The Divorce Housing Pro

Redleg Mediation and Consulting provides mediation and alternative dispute resolution services for real estate and workplace matters as well as support, advisory and consulting for situations that require deeper involvement.  They additionally provide targeted divorce support related to housing issues through The Divorce Housing Pro powered by Redleg.

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Release Date: 9/7/2023