VSO – An Abbreviation That Every Veteran Should Know

By Douglas Katz – 04/28/23

The ability to help with disability

These VSOs are pros at dealing with all the rules and regulations that go along with filing for a disability claim. They’ve got tons of experience helping veterans gather and organize their medical records, build a solid case, and submit their application to the right agency.  With the technology available today and the digitization of the records, it has never been easier for them to help.

But that’s not all! VSOs are also experts when it comes to the different kinds of benefits available to veterans. They can help you understand which benefits you’re eligible for and guide you through the process of applying for them. This could include things like disability compensation, education and training, home loans, and vocational rehab.

Don’t pay for a service that you can get gratis

Now, here’s the thing: there are people and organizations out there who charge you for these services.  Full disclosure, I always want to respect what someone does, especially when it is for the benefit of veterans, but in this particular area, I find no reason to pay for a service that you can get for free.  In fact, in the case of non-profits that provide VSO services, someone else already paid for the service for you through their donations and membership.  This is also why all veterans should join one or more of these organizations, but that is a whole separate article.

You may be thinking that you get what you pay for and if a VSO is free, they must be lesser than a paid option. Nothing can be further from the truth. VSOs are unbiased and their sole focus is on helping veterans get the benefits they deserve.  They earn a salary from the organization who employs them, so there is no incentive to do anything but serve veterans. Plus, they’re connected to a network of other resources that can help you beyond the claims process.

Does using a VSO really help?

Using a Veteran Service Officer (VSO) to help with your disability claim can greatly increase your chances of success. According to the National Veterans Legal Services Program, veterans who use a VSO are more likely to have their disability claims approved than those who don’t.

In fact, the success rate for disability claims filed with the help of a VSO is around 75%, while the success rate for claims filed without a VSO is only about 40%. That’s a huge difference that means sometimes life-changing benefit for the veterans that they assist!

As I covered before, the primary reason for this higher success rate is that VSOs have a deep understanding of the claims process and know how to navigate the complex bureaucracy involved. They can also help veterans avoid common mistakes and ensure that their applications are complete and accurate.  This is exceptionally important and botched applications are a huge reason for denials.

Additionally, VSOs can provide valuable guidance and support throughout the entire claims process. They can help veterans gather and organize medical evidence, submit the claim to the appropriate agency, and even represent veterans during appeals if necessary.  There are many instances where the post-denial appeal is key to the outcome and many veterans would have walked away if DIYing their claim.

More than disability

A Veteran Service Officer (VSO) can assist with a wide range of needs and services related to veteran benefits. Here are some of the ways a VSO can help:

  1. Disability claims: VSOs can assist veterans in filing for disability benefits and ensuring that all necessary documentation is included in the claim.
  2. Appeals: If a veteran’s disability claim is denied, VSOs can help with the appeals process, including representing veterans at hearings.
  3. Education and training benefits: VSOs can assist with applying for education and training benefits, including the GI Bill.
  4. Home loans: VSOs can provide guidance on applying for VA home loans and other housing-related benefits.
  5. Pension benefits: VSOs can assist with filing for pension benefits, which are available to veterans with limited income and resources.
  6. Vocational rehabilitation: VSOs can provide information on vocational rehabilitation programs that can help veterans prepare for and find employment.
  7. Insurance benefits: VSOs can assist with applying for VA life insurance and other insurance benefits.
  8. Survivor benefits: VSOs can help surviving family members of veterans apply for survivor benefits, including Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC) and death benefits.
Where can I get a VSO

There are many organizations that offer Veteran Service Officers (VSOs) to help veterans with their disability claims. Here is a comprehensive list of some of the most common places you can find a VSO:

  1. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA): The VA has VSOs stationed at all VA Medical Centers and regional offices. You can find your nearest VA Medical Center or regional office on the VA’s website.
  2. Disabled American Veterans (DAV): The DAV is a non-profit organization that provides free VSO services to veterans and their families. You can find a local DAV office on their website.
  3. Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW): The VFW also provides free VSO services to veterans and their families. You can find a local VFW office on their website.
  4. American Legion: The American Legion has trained VSOs who can assist veterans with their claims. You can find a local American Legion office on their website.
  5. Military Order of the Purple Heart: The Military Order of the Purple Heart is a veterans organization that provides VSO services. You can find a local chapter on their website.
  6. Paralyzed Veterans of America: The Paralyzed Veterans of America provides free VSO services to veterans with spinal cord injuries and diseases. You can find a local chapter on their website.
  7. Vietnam Veterans of America: The Vietnam Veterans of America has trained VSOs who can assist veterans with their claims. You can find a local chapter on their website.

These are just a few of the organizations that offer VSO services. You can also check with your state or local government to see if they have any VSOs available. Remember, these services are always free of charge, so don’t hesitate to seek out help if you need it!

VSOs treat you like a VIP

Veteran Service Officers (VSOs) are a valuable resource for veterans seeking disability benefits and other VA services. VSOs are trained professionals who can assist with a wide range of needs, including disability claims, appeals, education and training benefits, home loans, pension benefits, vocational rehabilitation, insurance benefits, and survivor benefits. Not only are VSOs free of charge, but they also greatly improve veterans’ chances of success. By working with a VSO, veterans can ensure that they have the support and guidance they need to access the benefits they have earned through their service to our country.

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